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  • Darin Wilmert

    Darin has practiced before federal and state trial and appellate courts in several southern Calif...

  • Rogelio Lopez

    Partner Rogelio is fluent in English and Spanish. Rogelio is experienced in handling the many di...

  • Larisa Wilmert

    Larisa is the partner who leads the firm's multi-county litigation practice in the areas of estat...

  • Roxanne F. Lopez

    Partner A partner in Lopez & Wilmert, LLP, Ms. Lopez is fluent in English and Spanish and her ar...

How Our Firm Is Different.

This is not your old-school law firm. The firm of Lopez & Wilmert, LLP understands that the only reason we exist is to take care of our clients better than anyone else.

The traditional way of practicing law often falls short of that goal, so we often do things differently than what you would expect. For example, we only charge an hourly fee as a last resort if that is what the client wants. Most of the time we are able to determine and agree on fees right at the start. No surprises. No fuss.

We’re Here For You

We also work hard to build a trusted relationship with you, one in which you do not have to be afraid to call for help or advice in the middle of your case.

Best of all, we have built a diverse team of attorneys and support staff who can cover a wide range of overlapping legal issues, so that your problems get addressed under one roof, with one point of contact.