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Landlord / Tenant

Landlord Perspective

Lopez & Wilmert, LLP is experienced in unlawful detainer trials and settlements.  Our knowledgable Landlord/Tenant attorneys can often negotiate a settlement to cases in order to restore possession of rental property back to the owner, without a trial.  In the event that a trial is necessary, we see the entire matter through the ultimate conclusion of the Sheriff conducting a lockout.  If you need to recover possession of real estate from a renter, there are specific technical requirements that must be met or your case will be dismissed and you will have to start again from the beginning.  You can avoid this extra time and expense by contacting our office in Chula Vista or in La Mesa to handle your case from start to finish.

Tenants' Rights

Sometimes situations get difficult, rent goes unpaid, or other disputes arise with a landlord.  No matter what the situation, tenants have significant rights, requiring landlords to do things in a certain way, and provide a certain standard of living space.  Since the attorneys of Lopez & Wilmert, LLP have handled cases on both side, representing landlords and tenants, we are very familiar with the law in this area and can assist you in obtaining the best possible outcome for your situation.

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, if you find yourself in a dispute, contact our Chula Vista office for further information at 619-691-8008.

We’re Here For You

We also work hard to build a trusted relationship with you, one in which you do not have to be afraid to call for help or advice in the middle of your case.

Best of all, we have built a diverse team of attorneys and support staff who can cover a wide range of overlapping legal issues, so that your problems get addressed under one roof, with one point of contact.