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Estate Planning

Estate Planning is Vital for 2 Main Reasons

Most people have the impression that Estate Planning is the process of deciding who gets your property when you pass away.  This is only one element of the process.  Increasingly, it is becoming important to have an Estate Plan for yourself for while you are still alive, because more and more people face incidents of incapacity at some point in life, whether temporarily (due to an illness or accident), or permanently (due to a trauma or the onset of dementia).

Estate Planning is therefore not just for the people you will one day leave behind, but is also to make sure that if you are ever unable to make decisions for yourself, the people whom you designate to take care of you have the legal authority to do so without long and expensive court proceedings.

A proper estate plan therefore includes not only a simple Will or Trust, but all of the other supporting documents that allow you to hand over control of your finances and care to someone else, even if only temporarily, and regain that control when you are again able to.  Of course, property distribution to your heirs is also an ultimate goal, but need not be the primary or even the most important aspect.

The Estate Planning attorneys at Lopez & Wilmert, LLP have participated first hand in the legal battles that occur when plans are not properly prepared or executed.  We are available to work with you to custom-tailor a plan that makes sense for you and your family.

5 Easy Steps

1.  Questionnaire:

We'll send you a basic questionnaire to gather some information, which you can fill out and submit online or on a mobile device.

2.  Zoom or Telephone Call:

A consultation appointment will be scheduled with an attorney so you can discuss all issues and questions with the attorney.

3.  First Draft:

Within a few days, the attorney will submit a first draft of all documents to you, the client.

4.  Additional Meetings:

Further Zoom or telephone meetings may be scheduled as needed in order to make changes or answer all questions.

5.  Document Signing:

Once the documents are ready, we'll have you come to our office to meet with our notary to sign all of the documents.

Benefits of a Sound Plan

Under California state law, even if you have a Will, without a proper estate plan in place your assets may be subject to Probate Proceedings. Probate cases can take months to years to be processed, depending on the complexity of the assets and the number of heirs.  More troubling, the entire list of all of your assets will become public record, along with the names of everyone who will inherit any part of your estate.  With a sound estate plan in place, if something should happen to you, the successors of your estate can normally complete the entire process in the privacy of our office with no public record, in much less time and at drastically lower cost.  Speak with our attorneys either in our office in La Mesa, or in Chula Vista for further information.

Not Just for the Wealthy

Many people falsely assume that estate plans are only needed by those who are rich and have procured a large number of assets.  This is far from the truth.  In reality, everyone who has a desire to see their assets go to those they trust in the event of an incident needs a solid estate plan.  The need for a complete plan is especially great for families with minor children or anyone who owns real estate.  Less complicated plans may be all that is necessary for people with limited assets and no children, but virtually everyone should have some sort of plan that at least includes an Advance Healthcare Directive.  At Lopez & Wilmert, LLP., we are happy to discuss your particular situation to determine whether you have a need for professional assistance.  Our office can be reached via telephone at 619-589-1112 or contact us online.

We’re Here For You

We also work hard to build a trusted relationship with you, one in which you do not have to be afraid to call for help or advice in the middle of your case.

Best of all, we have built a diverse team of attorneys and support staff who can cover a wide range of overlapping legal issues, so that your problems get addressed under one roof, with one point of contact.